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  1. Who designs your jewelry?

    All of our jewelry is designed with you in mind. Inspired by the runway, vintage jewelry and on-trend celebrity style, Bird In Blue offers a versatile collection and recommends pieces that match your personal style.

  2. Is all your jewelry made in limited quantities?

    Yes. All Bird In Blue exclusive jewelry is manufactured in limited, niche quantities each month.

  3. Is Bird In Blue a jewelry rental service?

    No. Bird In Blue offers you the hottest trends in Semi-Precious jewelry, personalized just for you. Everything you buy is yours to keep!

  4. What do we use in your jewelry?

    Base items consist of Pearls, Agate, Jade and Onyx stringed in high quality thread and placed with immaculate proportion.

  5. Will I be able to purchase a piece that is sold out?

    All Bird In Blue exclusive jewelry is manufactured in limited quantities, so SOLD OUT items are usually not available again. Occasionally, sold-out pieces will have a waitlist available on the product page - if you select to add yourself to the waitlist, we will notify you via email when the piece is available.


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