Bird in Blue is a sophisticated yet eclectic brand owned by Yellow Umbrella Services Pvt Ltd which epitomizes your personality and classy style.It  is an evolving today’s brand aimed at producing authentically produced artisan level accessories for the luxury marketplace.

It started with the extensive search for the perfect string of Pearls. Fondly called BIB, Bird In Blue focuses on highlighting your personality with twist.

Bird In Blue incorporates its love of culture, art, and vintage fashion into each collection.Its inspired by the women all around from your mother, to your daughter to your friends, and gives something fresh and edgy to you every season.

The line gradually grows to become a full lifestyle brand offering more to the luxury world



Bird In Blue has a team of highly qualified and competent professionals that are headed by an experienced management. We have high quality manpower possessing vigor, expertise and skills quick our dynamic, highly-skilled and enthusiastic team, work really hard to maintain excellence in the designs we deliver. We are a highly motivated team, focused on ensuring that every engagement meets the needs of our principals.